The Band 2/2





studied at the Conservatory of Palma de Mallorca, in the "Workshop músics" of Barcelona and in NY with Steve Cardenas, Wayne Krantz, Oz Noy, Jonathan Kreisberg and Peter Bernstein. 


   Discography: marcos pass ( what's up), PATAX (live in Infinity), Ander Gracia (ttun Kurrun), National Orchestra of Spain (debut of trumpeter Michael White album), Ariel Bringuez (Universal Art Experience), Daniel Monzón (BSO Kobak Vox), Jesus Palazón (harmonica plays Gershwin) Gato Charro (Ven) among others ... 


   has played in national and international festivals with countless artists among which include Henry Cole, Stefan Rademacher, Molly Duncan, Jerry Gonzalez, Cesar Franov, Pepe Rivero, Bobby Martinez, Ariel Bringuez, Tomas Merlo, Reinier Erizalde the "Negrón" Jorge Vistel, Ben Stivers, Salvador Font, Madeline Davis, Norman Hoge offer.


Born in Madrid. Achieves the extraordinary prize of the Intermediate level of Trombone, advanced diploma of Trombone in the RCSM, advanced degree of Jazz in “Musikene” with First Class Honours and a Master’s degree in “Musical Creation and Interpretation” in the URJC.

Roberto Pacheco lays out a paradigm in the education system with the creation of the Musílabus Foundation where he develops together with Alejandra Barella a new methodology created with the purpose of initiating in Improvisation as a Communication language for personal development.

In the 2014-15 school year, he joins the teacher’s team of the “Creativa” Music School as Trombone teacher and as the director of the Big Band, he also teaches Trombone in the professional Conservatory of Pamplona.

He is a member of the Flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortés Company, of Patax, The CQM Big Band, Fonjazz, and the musical producer of Sacatubón, Gato Charro and L.A.F.F.

He has played with Terence Blanchard, Patti Austin, Jerry González, Ara Malikian, Javier Colina, Jorge Pardo, Bobby Martínez, Pepe Rivero, Bob Sands Big Band, Tito Nieves, Leiva, Coque Malla, Pablo Martin Quinteto, Chayanne, Shakira, Miguel Bosé, Nena Daconte, Vinila Von Mismark.  

As a session musician he has recorded with Paquito DRivera (Grammy nomination), Alamedadosoulna (Goya nominación), Afrodisian Orchestra, Marlango, Dúo Dinámico, Pitingo, Miguel Ríos, Efecto Mariposa, Azúcar Moreno, Vetusta Morla, M-clan, Ariel Rot, Muchachito, Primital, Creativa Latina Big-Band, Francisco, Peque jazz, Luis Verde, Barrio Tomillo, Le Punk, Gabino Diego, Barbería del Sur.  

He has experience as a teacher in the Superior Music Conservatory “Pablo Sarasate” of Pamplona, in the Conservatory of Arganda, in the Montserrat Caballé  Professional Conservatory of Music in Segovia. He has given a jazz and modern music Master Class at the Salamanca University, at the Loja University and with the Youth Synfonic Orquestra of Quito (Ecuador) and at the Escola Do Riso in Portugal, etc.

Since 2015, he is teacher at Escuela de Música Creativa and Director of its Big band.